Annie was a brown and white Pinto mini.  She wass 27" tall and weighed about 170 lbs.  Annie was about 1 month old when we first met her.  She would sit on Doc's lap like a puppy and eat grain out of his hands.  Annie's greatest asset was that she was born without eyes, and was blind.  All she ever knew was a 10'x10' stall that she lived in with her mom, and a small paddock area.  
When we brought Annie home we were told to keep her in a very small area so that she wouldn't be stressed out.  This worked for about 2 weeks, and then Annie didn't like that other horses were out and about and she wanted to see the big world out there.  So, we turned her loose one day and within a few days Annie had figured out how to move about the entire property and back all by herself.  Annie's blindness didn't ever stop her from being a horse and doing what other horses did.  She went to all the other places that all the other horses went to, and did the same thing for Cheer Up therapy.  Annie was 4 1/2 years old when she passed away.