Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae is 9 years old and has a love for kids. She is about 28” tall and weighs about 225lbs. She came to us by Doc going and looking at a little grey stallion that a lady had who was giving him away. FREE?, I’M ON IT! When Doc showed her a picture of Frosty, she said I have the horse for you. And she did! Daisy Mae was very anxious and nervous and standoffish when we met her. The lady was asking big bucks for her as she was a show horse and had traveled all over the country. When Doc told her what she would be doing, the lady made him a ‘deal he couldn’t refuse’, and so Daisy Mae became a part of the ‘Cheer-Up’ therapy here at His Mountaintop Ministries.! She has a great personality, but takes a bit to warm up to you. As she has been around kids and has been ‘loved’ on, her anxiousness and nervousness has all but gone away. She has little boots that she wears when she goes into the different special education classes or into a rehab center to visit. YES, we go right into the building and see all those who cannot get outside! Daisy Mae likes to get out and go places, like, birthday parties, fundraisers, walks in the park where she meets all kinds of people. Daisy Mae and Frosty are like two peas in a pod.