Dance’s full name is ‘Dancehall Darlin’ and she is a doll. Doc has had her since she was a year and a half old. She is a red and white overo paint, very flashy. She is 19 years old (same as Frosty), 1000 lbs, about 15.1 hands tall. She has done ranching, cows, gymkhana, roping, trails, driving, parades, and Therapeutic Riding. She is a very soft horse and she has a very gentle and caring spirit. Dance is special in so many ways, from being able to put any type of child on her to ride to getting persons on who have never been around a horse before or have had a ‘bad’ experience. She is the ‘go to’ horse. She has been Doc’s riding horse up until a few years ago, Doc felt that she had carried him long enough and she should have fun the rest of her days, AND SHE DOES!