Frosty is 19 years old and still has a love for people and kids. She is about 28” tall and weighs about 225lbs.. She came to us as a foster child due to her previous owner had her and two others and she did not want them to be separated. As time went on, Frosty became a part of the ‘Cheer-Up’ therapy here at His Mountaintop Ministries. So, we were allowed to adopt her and now she is here to stay! She has a great personality and likes to ‘see what ya got’ at any time. She has little boots that she wears when she goes into the different special education classes or into a rehab center to visit. YES, we go right into the building and see all those who cannot get outside! Frosty especially likes kid’s birthday parties, as she gets to be brushed and her mane and tail braided, lots of attention. Did I say ‘LOTS OF ATTENTION’.