Noble is a Thoroughbred cross and is approx. 20 years old, and is 16 hands tall. He has a quiet disposition and is very loving.  He was rescued from the Humane Society in Tehachipi, Ca.  Doc and another couple went there, arrived at 11:30 pm, loaded Noble up with another horse at 1 am.  He had been scheduled to be "put down" the next morning at 6 am.  Adrienne Ingram took Noble and nursed and loved him back to health.  He suffered from abuse, malnutrition, abandonment, and severe sunburn on his nose.
Noble came to HMM in April of 2017 to work with the therapy program.  He has turned out to be one our "go to" horses.  He works with the independant riders, and he also can work with kids that are on lead.  He is a pleasure to work with and enjoys his new calling in life.