Ruby is a very special girl. She is 16.1 hands tall, weighs about 1200 lbs, is 14 years old, a red sorrel Standard bred mare. She also was a rescue horse. An older couple had her and they had to sell their place out by Orland somewhere, never did find out. The person who bought the property did not want a horse, so he called his girlfriend to take her to the horse sale. Her friend took Ruby instead and gave her food and shelter, and then tried to sell her. Doc and a pastor friend, went on a ‘road trip’ to see her and they ended up bringing her home. Ruby is a very sweet and gentle horse who loves attention and a soft voice. She is used for our Therapeutic Riding program for children with disabilities. She has two riders at this point who adore her and they do not want to ride anyone else. Ruby has learned to trust and feel safe, same as her riders have had to learn. This is what it is all about - - Connection.