Doc Livingston Equestrian Services

We are a PATHs certified equine specialist and work alongside several different counselors, therapists, and clinicians.

Doc Livingston is a qualified ‘Horse Listener’ and has had a lifetime of Listening to Horses. His first experience with watching and listening to horses was at three years of age, when he had climbed up on a rock in a sagebrush pasture and sat there watching a herd of horses. (as the story goes). As he grew up around cattle ranches, he has experienced the ’old ways’ and has developed ‘new ways’. Doc has rode rodeo stock in his younger years and started training Cutting Horses in his late teens. As a young man, he found that Buck Brannaman, John Lyons and Monte Roberts thought the same way he did, so he studied them, going as far as to be aclient and observer in their Clinics and Demos.

In later years, Doc has done ‘Horse Tune-ups’ for those persons who like to ride but cant during the winter and their horse needs a little ‘tune-up’ in the spring. Taking on a horse with a problem, usually is taking on the owner with the horse. He likes to help people find a horse that ‘matches’ their personalities. Too many times He has seen a person who found the horse of their dreams (mostly due to color) and they fight each other every step of the way. Most all horses are good, some just need a little help getting there. 

Doc is Certified through PATH’s International as an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning (ESMHL). He has worked with several Therapists, MFT’s, and Counselors and has seen first hand how horses heal persons with Emotional and Mental Health issues such as ; Abuse, PTSD, and Trauma. Working closely with a professional in Mental Health, horses give the professional another tool and option to the office/clinical setting. 

This is what Doc Livingston Equestrian Services is all about. Working with Mental Health Professionals and partnering with them for the betterment of their Clients.

Therapeutic/Adaptive Riding

The connection between horses and handicapped persons is awe inspiring. To see a child/adult’s face light up with a smile when sitting on a horse, brightens the whole world around them. The physical, emotional and mental healing that transpires between the rider and the horse cannot be measured. The depth of joy in a child’s or adult’s heart can only be compared to the brightness of their smile.

Cheer-Up Therapy

“Cheer up” Therapy is designed to take our horse therapies “on-the-road” where we visit special needs and special needs persons who are unable to attend our center. Our trained and certified personnel and volunteers will be taking our mobile units (with full-sized and miniature horses) to a child’s or adult’s home, foster homes for special needs kids, children’s hospitals, rehab centers or hospice services.

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