His Mountaintop Ministries collaborates with Therapists, Counselors, and Medical Clinicians to give help to many different diagnosis. We want to make available all persons and therapists who could provide services to your needs. Please feel free to contact these links to see what they offer.

Christine Livingston, MFT

  • Christine is a Marriage and Family Therapist/Counselor. She has been in service for over 12 years. She sees individuals and couples.

Annette Nylander

  • Annette teaches computer skills at Sierra College and has a great love of horses, especially Draft size! Annette has ‘Big Horse Works’ , a business of using her draft horses and carriages for parades, Weddings, and Holidays. She will help anyone and will teach anyone who wants to learn how to drive a single horse or team, and is willing to put in the time.

Debbie Dorer

  • Debbie is a Marriage and Family Therapist and has been in practice over 10 years. She recues horses and mustangs, which she rehabilitates them. She does couples counseling and uses her horses to help couples to heal.