We strive to offer horse activities for all ages, young and old. There are special needs persons and veterans who are kept out of other activities due to health, physical limitations, cognitive ability, and the list goes on and on. We believe EVERYONE can experience the wonderful connection with a horse, however that might look. Whether it’s maybe just a touch, a horse nuzzle, might be sitting and not going anywhere, and then again, one may ride around. We want to make ‘SMILES’ happen, for these kids and adults to be all they can be and to make dreams come True.

Also, here at HMM Therapeutic / Adaptive Horsemanship, we value our veterans and their giving and sacrifices to us and this country. We have a place for Veterans to come and feel needed. A place to get healing — emotionally and physically. Horses have a healing presence and they heal our hearts.

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Therapeutic/Adaptive Riding

The connection between horses and handicapped persons is awe inspiring. To see a child/adult’s face light up with a smile when sitting on a horse, brightens the whole world around them. The physical, emotional and mental healing that transpires between the rider and the horse cannot be measured. The depth of joy in a child’s or adult’s heart can only be compared to the brightness of their smile.

Cheer-Up Therapy

“Cheer up” Therapy is designed to take our horse therapies “on-the-road” where we visit special needs and special needs persons who are unable to attend our center. Our trained and certified personnel and volunteers will be taking our mobile units (with full-sized and miniature horses) to a child’s or adult’s home, foster homes for special needs kids, children’s hospitals, rehab centers or hospice services.

Driving Program

Our Driving Program is very unique in that we offer this to our special needs students, child or adult who are unable to ‘ride’ for various reasons, ie: medical, weight, stamina, physical limitations, etc.; they can sit and drive the horse from a cart or wagon. This is very stimulating and exciting, as this allows them to be ‘in control’ for just a brief moment in time.